Franchise Opportunity with India’s No.1 Cab Advertising Brand

Become franchise partners with the most popular Cab Advertising Brand of India to gain reputation and monetary benefits. Ads On Cabs India was launched by JPSON Group to reinvent the world of outdoor advertisement. Ads On Cabs India introduced the concept of Movable Digital Hoardings and Cab/Taxi advertisements in India. By using the vehicles like Cabs, Taxi’s, Buses and Others, as the display board for advertisements, one can easily promote their brand to a huge number of target audience at once. Our company ensures that the brands we work with, get the maximum exposure and return on investments. Ads On Cabs India through its efficient team and progressive ways of operation has made cab advertisements attain a high status. We have a competent team to figure out the most appropriate and attractive ads for any brand.

Features of Ads On Cabs India Franchise

  • Awarded for Most Innovative Advertising Brand
  • Recognized by MSME & Government of India
  • Most Popular Cab Advertising Brand
  • High Returns on Low Investment
  • Expanse-less Business Model
  • Most Demanding & Innovative Business Concept
  • Ready to Move Business Model
  • Protected Territories for Franchises
  • Movable Digital Hoardings:  First Innovation of its Kind
  • Featured In:  Zee5, ANI News, Business Standard, Daily Hunt, Latestly, Lokmat Times, The Print (NDTV), Jio News, Google News etc.
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Ads on cabs india

Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Categories & Investments

Invest in a Business that is Already at the Epitome of Success

It can be risky to invest in a struggling business because there are apprehensions that it might fail. Ads On Cabs India is an already established business running high on profits. So, when you decide to become our franchise, there is no worry to lose. It is guaranteed that you will get the maximum Return for whatever you invest. 

Cabs can reach there and can advertise your products /service to the remotest corners. Taxi tops are the best canvass for lucrative advertisements that will catch the attention of everyone around it. Be it the rush hour or the hectic schedules, nothing can stop your brand from reaching the potential audience if the ad is on a taxi. This Movable Hoarding infuses life into the advertisements and is best to reach a prominent mass of target audience in all locations. Ads On Cabs India has its marketing networks across the country and can reach any corner with utmost efficiency.


Reasons to become ADS ON CABS franchise

  • Profitable Business Structure

  • Panoramic sales and service support for consolidating your business

  • The franchise will be provided with professional certificates to enhance their professional identity

  • Transparency in Franchise business with Franchisor’s trademark according to Industrial standards

  • Impactful Business Strategies

  • Complete round the clock marketing assistance and integrated support

  • Transparent, instant and accurate payment modes

  • Ads On Cabs India provides the Domain ID for all the franchises and their staff

  • Valid corporate numbers for the franchises to make their business legally approved

  • Graphic Designing support for the Franchises


Great initiatives are taken by ADS ON CABS to generate employment in India. It will also help our new generation to get involved in self employment, can go for small start ups, entrepreneurs and it is a good path to support Make In India which is actually started to motivate and increase in self employment, small start ups, entrepreneur, moderate level companies. ADS ON CABS ensures that you emerge as a sure-shot winner as its infinite possibilities benefit not only our franchises but also vehicle owners as well as advertisers as they will have the opportunity of marketing options of enhanced visualization and viewership at very cost effective pricing.

How to Start?

If you are still in a dilemma on how to get started with your journey as an Ads On Cabs India franchise, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Apply to be our Franchise through the easy and lucid franchise form
  • After selection, sign up with us and decide on the Franchise agreement
  • Setting up the office for Franchise business conduction
  • We will provide optimum training to the franchise to help them handle everything easily
  • Plan for the development and growth of your business (Our core team will assist)
  • Connect with us for digital marketing assistance and support
  • Our marketing team will help for lead generation to give a kick boost to your franchise business
  • The team of Ads On Cabs India will be available for round the clock assistance regarding any support
  • Earn maximum profits with minimum investment. Continuous and fair revenue generation

Become our franchise to explore the infinite opportunities for growth and development. Feature your business journey enhanced profits.

Apply For Franchise

Associate with the leading cab advertisement brand of India and start your journey with us as a business franchise. Be the suitable route for us to sell our services across the country. Become the Ads on Cabs franchise in your area and generate income with least investment.

Before applying to be the franchise Partner of Ads on Cabs, kindly go through the following points:

  • I am completely aware of my responsibilities as a franchise of Ads on Cabs – selling Ads on Cabs services across the area for which I take up the franchise.
  • For becoming an Ads on Cab franchise, I have to pay a Franchise Fee. These fees paid shall entitle the franchise owner to use the business model of Ads on Cabs necessary for sales and business.
  • The franchise office has to be set up by the franchise themselves without the help of Ads on Cabs. The office should stringently meet the requirements laid down by Ads on Cabs.
  • The staff and team that would be indulged to sell the Ads on Cabs services has to be employed and paid by the Franchise at their own expense and responsibility.