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No.1 Cab Advertising Brand

Ads On Cabs India is a brand launched by JPSON Group which is specialized in the complete OOH / Outdoor advertising and Digital advertising. We connect brands with the audience by providing the cost effective brand building programs in OOH / Outdoor advertising and Digital advertising. Ads On Cabs India innovated a unique concept of Movable Digital Hoarding which is a Next-Generation OOH / Outdoor Advertisement and ensure brands to reach audience / mass public with unique visibility in prime and non-prime locations at very cost effective pricing as compare to any other media advertising. Our brand is also serving in Cab Advertising, Taxi Advertising, Bus Advertising, Other Vehicle Advertising like Auto-Rickshaw Advertising, E-Rickshaw Advertising, Bike Advertising, Scooter Advertising, Movable Hoarding Advertising, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Audio Ads, Brand Awareness Programs, etc. We are a very well renowned brand in OOH / Outdoor advertising and Digital advertising. We are providing professional services in all cities across India.

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High Visibility & Impression
Low Cost Advertising


Suitable graphics, attractive designs & amazing videos with popping colors make advertisements vibrant where the ads will be displayed on the Taxi Top LED Advertising screen. The ads will be in graphics, Text & video format which will convey your brand story to the audience with high impression. Amazing graphics and great sound effects are special features of the ads we create along with Flyers and pamphlets distribution.


Movable Hoardings are a futuristic and new generation advertisement methodology. With this strategy of advertisement, your brand’s ads are displayed on movable vehicles like cabs, buses, rickshaws and bikes. Movable Hoardings feature the concept of using wrapping ads on vehicles such that your brand receives all the attention that it deserves. Movable Hoardings enhances your brand visibility and creates an impactful impression on the target audience. Movable hoardings can reach even the remotest corners and thus your brand story is conveyed to audiences in every nook and corner. Movable hoardings are the cheapest mode of effective outdoor advertisement with returns higher than any other advertisement format. Ads On Cabs India can help you advertise your brand through movable hoardings with the most lucrative ad designs, catchy content and popping visuals that will grab the attention of all the audience.



Revolutionary Outdoor Advertisement

Ads on Cabs has launched the new age innovation of movable hoardings across India.

Pan India Ad Coverage

Reach your target audience everywhere with the Pan Indian advertising network of Ads on Cabs.

Enhanced Reach

Give a new dimension to your brand visibility with impactful ads and wide coverage of Ads on Cabs.


Advertisements on Cabs are cheaper than other types of ad techniques. Experience maximum return on your investment.

Reach Target Audience

Reaching your audience is now easier. Be the showstopper with your brands displayed on cabs, buses, taxi tops.

Brand Impression

Articulate your brand story to the audience and turn them into potential clients with vibrant and meaningful movable hoardings.

Amplify Sales

Escalate your sales figure with guaranteed leads and sustainable business growth.

Effective Digital Marketing Support

Avail of complimentary digital marketing support from experts of Ads on Cabs.

LED Advertising Screen

Innovative Display for Unique brand development.

Lucrative Visuals

Sensational ads with popping visuals and impactful taglines.

Connecting Brands with Audience

Buzzing and active way of communicating with the audience.

Scope of Business Development

Chain marketing opportunities to boost your business.

  • Aware your customers of your presence

  • Comprehensive and integrated business development strategy

  • Attract customer attention

  • Convincing ads are best to reach the audience and attract traffic

  • Consolidate Brand impression and generate loyalty

  • Suitable promotion for Establishing Brand Worth

  • Futuristic and new age outdoor advertising methodology for consolidation of Brand Integrity and Value

  • The cheapest Brand Awareness campaign with the maximum return

  • The most effective bridge between brands and the potential audience

  • Get comprehensive and integrated access to all types of locations - within housing complexes, hospital premises, supermarkets and almost on every accessible public place with the help of movable hoarding on cabs and vehicles. Even when people will be waiting for the signal to turn green, your brand ads on the taxi tops and cabs will attract their attention.

  • Get the best goal-centric and customized brand-building strategies coupled with some phenomenal advertising activities to boos your brand growth and development.

  • Customers across India will get a glimpse of your brands through innovative ads on cabs, taxi’s and buses.

  • With lucrative and meaningful ads conveyed to your customers through movable hoardings on cabs, buses and vehicles, get the maxim leads. The audience turned into potential clients will gear up your brand’s sales figures.

  • Ads on Cabs has launched cost-effective maxim ROI advertisement programs where you invest the minimum and get the maximum benefits out of the campaigns

  • Add a new edge and class to your Brand Image with efficient can advertisement services from Ads on Cabs.

  • Let your brand get the maximum visibility and most impactful reach to the audience. Your brand will now be the showstopper with mesmerizing ads to attract customer attention.

  • Outdoor advertisement with movable hoardings on vehicles and cabs is the most unique, innovative and trendiest advertisement mode in the recent days

  • Ads on Cabs is the first of its kind to popularize the innovative concept of movable hoardings in India

  • No middle man or agency involved. Connect with your customers directly and let the audience reach your brand without any intervention

  • Pan India presence of advertisement network by Ads on Cabs helps your brand to gain national exposure and wide platform

  • Amplify your brand visibility by manifolds with movable hoarding ads

  • Ads on Cabs is your best partner to convey your brand story to the audience with broad media coverage across the cities

  • We connect your audience to your brands with lucrative and meaningful advertisement

  • Ads on Cabs establish a profound base for the brands to reach their potential customers within the city premises

  • Movable hoarding are one of the trendiest forms of advertisement and Ads on Cabs specializes in the same

  • We create the most unique and innovative advertisements for your brand and display them on cabs to attract maximum attention and grab the attention of all

  • Ads on Cabs believes in uniqueness and out of the box ideas to promote your brand

  • Escalate your sales figure and give the ultimate boost to your business growth with the customized marketing strategies offered by Ads on Cabs

  • Along with providing the best movable hoarding ad services for your brand, Ads on Cabs also provides complimentary digital marketing solutions for your brand that generates guaranteed leads

  • With tailor-made custom-built advertisement strategies for your brand, the customers will be bound to associate with you. Our robust ad campaigns will influence the purchase behavior of the customers

STEP 1:- Select the Media Option

  • Cab & Taxi Advertising (OOH)

          Service Include: 

           * Free Complimentary Digital Marketing

           * Outside Cab Branding

           * Inside Cab Branding

           * Audio Ads inside Cabs

           * Brochures & Flyers for Passengers

  • Movable Digital Hoarding (DOOH)

          Service Include: 

          * Free Complimentary Digital Marketing

          * Brochures & Flyers Distribution

  • Movable Static Hoarding (OOH)

          Service Include: 

          * Free Complimentary Digital Marketing

          * Brochures & Flyers Distribution

  • Bus Advertising

          Service Include: 

          * Free Complimentary Digital Marketing

          * Brochures & Flyers Distribution

  • Online Digital Marketing

          Service Include: 

          * SEO & SMO

          * Social Media Marketing

          * Google & LinkedIn Advertising

          * Lead Generation Campaigns

          * Bulk SMS, Bulk Emailing, Videos Ads, Radio Ads

          * Google Reviews

STEP 2:- Choose the Duration of Advertising Campaign

STEP 3:- Processing of Work Order

STEP 4:- Finalization of Art Work

STEP 5:- Processing of Payment as per Work Order & Nature of Work



Connecting Brands with Audience

Advertise with India’s No.1 Cab Advertising Brand

Advertise with India’s No.1 Cab Advertising Brand

Connecting Brands with Audience…

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    The advertising experience with ADS ON CABS INDIA is absolutely value for money. Concept of movable hoarding on cabs & taxi’s are very innovative, unique, and responsive.

    Anti Corruption India

    Anti Corruption India


    We would like to recommend ADS ON CABS INDIA for advertising services. Great idea of advertising on cabs, taxi’s, buses & other vehicles. Happy to switch our brand from hoardings to movable hoardings.

    Bharatiya Business Bazaar

    Bharatiya Business Bazaar


    We have been working with ADS ON CABS INDIA for just a few months and quite happy with their cab advertising. It is awesome to have branding on 70-80 cabs instead of branding on 1 hoarding. Thanks to ADS ON CABS INDIA.

    Amity University

    Amity University


    Our business consultant recommended ADS ON CABS INDIA for cab advertising. We found it creative and with low investment as compare any other advertising media. We couldn’t be more than happy that they have very well lived up to our expectations.

    Burger King

    Burger King




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